Amazing 21st Birthday Party ideas to create a lasting memory

We don’t turn 21 every year. This is the year you become legal, legally. The adulthood of your journey is about to begin. Celebrate it the way it should be celebrated. After all, once you step in there’s no turning back and you won’t get another chance to celebrate your birthday in such a fun, exciting, humungous manner. Grasp this one in a life time opportunity and make the best of it. Hyped up already? Well, there’s more. Keep on reading to see how you can turn your 21st birthday party to a party of the year.



Start off by making a list of the people who you are planning to invite. Ditch the old invitation cards and opt for the new technology. You can create an e-invite or simply pass a image of a virtual invitation to the guest list. You can even create it like a pass. That way it would look more exciting and fine. If you are thinking of going for a theme, create your virtual invitation similar to it.




Fairy lights, floating lights, floating lanterns, balloons with party poopers, fresh flowers, tassels, a nice back drop, whatever you prefer just go with it. Don’t limit your creativity, let it blast. Make the place as fun and exciting as possible. But don’t over do it. Get help from your friends to come up with some great ideas. After all, planning a party with your best pals is much better and fun than doing it alone.




If you want you can have those with Polaroid cameras bring them or you can go a step further and make it professional by having a booth. Hard to find a place as such? Well, if you are in Singapore simply search for photobooth in Singapore or wherever the party is. There will be plenty of good recommendations.




Go for something exciting and fun. Dare to try truth or dare? Get that dirt off your pals. It will be so exciting to know something of someone. Or you can try something old school like twister. Make the games more exciting by adding booze.

Food and drinks


Go for a different menu by including food items from different nations. Order Chinese, Indian, American and all that. This mix of food cultures is something that everyone would surely enjoy. Don’t forget to add wine and beer. After all you are legal and officially entering the adulthood. With these ideas your party will surely be something that everyone would be talking about for days.

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