Birthday Surprises for Him

Isn’t it time that you take charge and let him have a good time? Special occasions are all about how a man surprises his lady; however we forget that he likes to be pampered too. Considering all the sweet things he does for you, you need to return the favour. So here are a few birthday surprises you can do for him, to make it extra special.

  1. Plan a romantic dinner

Surprise him by sending the kids off to their grandparents’ place and keeping the house all for you two. He must have expected to have the usual family dinner celebration, but this year make things romantic. You can set up the dinner table and throw some rose petals to make a trail from the main door that will lead him to it. Light some scented candles, play romantic music and dress up for him. You can dance or watch a movie after the meal while cuddling up.

  1. Send him a gift at work

Make him feel proud in front of his colleagues by sending him something that he has been yearning for. It can be a watch or his favourite perfume that he could flaunt in front of his friends. Don’t forget to send some flowers and a box of chocolates along with a heartfelt note. There are cheap flower delivery Singapore services that could deliver the entire package to his workplace.

  1. Throw a party

It must be ages since he celebrated his birthday with his friends and family. You can invite all his close loved ones and organize a barbeque in your backyard or at a restaurant that he loves. He would feel loved when he sees everyone and appreciate the fact that they took some time off their busy schedules to participate in the event.

  1. Buy tickets

You can tell him to be ready to go someplace special for the night. He must have expected to be taken out to dinner but instead, surprise him by taking him a concert of his favourite band or to a movie he has been dying to watch. You may not love rock bands or superhero movies, but being there with him will make it special, especially since he knows you don’t like them but still is with him.

  1. Surprise getaway

You two may need a weekend together so plan a surprise getaway. You don’t have to spend a lot on luxurious resorts. You can easily find budget deals on travel websites, take him there and spend the rest of the weekend enjoying each other’s company.



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