Why you should take extra care of your old parents?

Parents are the people who took care of us when we were little and had zero independence levels. Every parent sacrifices their lives to ensure that their child gets the best. Other than a few isolated cases, all parents love their children no matter what! And their children are always their top priority!

Falling down can cause severe injuries

Falling down can cause severe injuries to parents in their old age. A single fall can cause them to have so many other illnesses. A small bruise may even take up to a few weeks to heal. Old age can cause so many issues like poor eyesight and poor hearing, which is why older people are more prone to meeting with accidents even in their own homes. This is why it is very important that you tend to your old parents at all times. If you are able to, you can even get them a nurse to look after them at all times. Because, by falling down they will have to undergo unnecessary pain and agony.

Prone to diseases

With old age comes the inability to fight diseases. Their immune system is not strong enough to fight off the germs and bacteria’s in their bodies. Thus causing various kinds of diseases in the body. Therefore, it is best that you keep the area your parents are in clean and free of germs. Getting them to use hand sanitizer and mask would be a good idea as well. Because their bodies are too weak to handle the diseases.

Body can sustain only low medication

With old age our parents can barely keep the food down. Medication is almost something impossible. Especially if it is powerful medication, their bodies are unable sustain the medications. There are some old persons who are required to undergo transplants like organ transplants to sustain their bodies. If in Pakistan, it is recommended to take patients who require transplants to Bashir Dawood transplant operation at SIUT.


As children it is our duty to look after our parents. And therefore we need to always be available to our parents. It is simply insufficient to only look after them paying money for their services to us. Instead we, should spend quality time with our parents as well! Keeping in mind that for looking after your parents is not only our responsibility but it is only morally the right thing to do. We always need to keep in that our children are watching how we are interacting with our parents. Therefore, if we want our kids to look after us with love, the simple solution is to do the same for our parents as well!


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