Party decor on a budget

Every party has its own type of theme. Most of the time the decoration is based on this particular theme. The party decoration plays a very important role in any event. Whether it is a high tea, a wedding ora birthday party, you need to get decoration done right to highlight the party vibe. Now, many of us will tend to opt for the cheap decoration items. But, in reality, these “cheap” decoration can add up to a large sum and many of these items will go to waste after the party. So, how can you get decoration done right while sticking to a proper budget? continue reading to find out.



First things first, planning. Planning the whole party can go a long way and it will save you from some huge mistakes. Separate a rough amount to decorations and stick to that. That way you will avoid purchasing unnecessary decorating items. Always be on the look out for less priced items for event decoration singapore . Make sure you compare prices with several other stores or websites before actually confirming the order. That way you will be able to find some quality decorations for a really cheap price. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the type of decoration you want. Do you really want those huge posters? Or two kinds of lights? Question yourself and narrow down the list to what you really need and be on the look out at least a few weeks before the party.


Focus on importance


Staying focus when purchasing party decorations can help you immensely. Yes, those pink serviettes look cute with your theme, but does it make a huge difference? Focus on things that take an individual’s attention like banners, centerpieces, table covers and all. That way you will avoid making unnecessary purchases.


Solid colors


Many printed party decorations are more expensive than the solid colored items. So, make sure you stick for the solid colored ones if you want to save money for more important things like the food.




This is one great way to add your special touch to the event and make it unique. You can always find great DIY tutorials off the internet. Make pom-poms by yourself, opt for candles instead of those expensive light bulbs, add glitter or your own special design to the cups, make your own banners. There are so many things that you can create by yourself. It will be both inexpensive and fun.


These are a few tips that you should keep in mind when hunting for party decoration Always remind yourself of the number you assigned for decor.

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