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For centuries women been focused having healthy hair, smoother skin and shapely contours commonly rely on ingredients available locally in achieving that perfect look. Treatments for body and face alike have been developed for detoxification and purification relying on unique sea salts, specific mud combinations, artificially enhanced properties along with massages and waxing to ensure a rejuvenating experience.

Whilst many prefer to be pampered in a relaxing atmosphere, DIY methods have been introduced in catering to a larger community of women who are unable to pursue the luxuries of beauty and relaxation therapies widely available. With many commonly progressing with DIY remedies, occasional trips for deep cleansing facial singaporeor other cities is something that is considered entwined with most modern women’s routine. The outcome mainly focused on looking amazing also consists of health and cleanliness factors that cannot be accomplished without assistance of skilled therapist and niche equipment as per unique salon proprietors.

Global trends

Many Asian women use face masks consisting of rice to deep clean skin and rid the face of oil and extra shine. With rice having properties in absorbing oil similar to water the option of readymade rice based cleansers are currently manufactured by organizations in beauty therapy products manufacture. Similarly there are age old traditional methods that men and women have used from world over. Let’s look at some of these.

From Russia: here the women don’t throw away the coffee grounds; they make good use of it by re using them as exfoliating paste. The soft grounds are ideal as a body scrub that removed dead and dry skin which is common in the colder weather in this region. The coffee grounds are also helpful in reducing skin issues. So don’t throw away used coffee grounds, dry them store them and re use them.

From Japan: An age old practice in Japan is to use the oil extracted from the nuts on camellia trees. In the older days geisha’s used to collect them and crush the nuts to extract oil which then was applied on their hair to give is lustre.

From Italy: women in this country and the surrounding areas have been using olive oil as a basic beauty treatment. One popular option is to use it in combination with blood oranges. They mix the zest of these oranges with the oil to make a fine paste as a cleanser and mostly use it on their face and neck areas. The acid in the fruit and the vitamin c acts as a natural antioxidant helping the skin glow. The oil acts as a balancer reducing any harmful effects of the acid. So it’s a great mixture.

These are some of the most basic and famous practices women have used, they are still popular and may even be how some of the popular brands are made today.

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