Important babysitting tips that you should know

Babysitting is not an easy job, and even for baby sitters, it’s not about showing up and making sure that the kids are doing ok. It’s more than that. As a baby sitter you have to make sure you build a trust in between yourself and the kids, since they will literally be with you till their parents get back. Below are some of important tips that a baby sitter and the parents should keep in mind when hiring one.

Note down emergency contacts

One of the main and the most important thing that you should do when babysitting Singapore is to make sure that you have all the emergency contact with you noted down. It’s ideal that the parents should give all the emergency contact number to the baby sitter. However, if your child is old enough to remember numbers, make sure you give them any emergence numbers and where you will be heading to as well. You child also needs to keep in touch with the parents, keeping you informed in any kind of issue can eliminate an issues.

Look for punctuality

Your baby sitter should be flexible and should be able to show up when you need them and not turn you down. If your baby sitter is getting late due for some reason, he or she should inform youprior to avoid any disappointments. However, the baby sitter should also knowhow to interact with the child and keep him or her entertained throughout. So that you can keep the situation in control and go according to the schedule. The baby sitter should also come with some kind of activities that can keep the child entertained and busy.

List down the food that should be given and avoided

Kids tend to get allergies and tummy aches for certain food or too much sweets and snacks. As a parent, you should be able to list down the food items that should not be given to the child and the amount as well. The baby sitter should also be attentive and loving. And they should be able to give them snacks or juices incase if the kids are hungry and not let them starve.

Protection and first air

As baby sitter, he or she should ensure the child protections and act according to the situation. They also should have some knowledge on First aid in case of an emergency. If your child is old enough to understand about door locks and safety, as parents you should teach them to lock doors and windows especially if they are home alone.

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