Does Oatmeal A Day Keep Diseases At Bay?

Packed with proteins, and filled with fibre, oats are designed to elevate your energy levels and help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Most of us used to hate it back in high school, wishing we would rather eat play dough than a bowl of oats for breakfast, definitely underestimating the goodness it gives to our body. Maybe as a very healthy breakfast option, you can try switching from a regular cup of coffee and a slice of bread you brought two days back and spruce up your oats with fruits and nuts for a combined flavour of juices and crunch. If you’ve got still got doubts read below and you wouldn’t think twice tomorrow before buying one at the super market.

Prevents Constipation.

As I already mentioned above, oats are a rich source of fibre. A nutrient most of us lack in our daily meals, and sit in the toilet seat for hours finally finding some time to tweet and post and scroll through Instagram. Since they’ve got both soluble and insoluble fibre, they assist in regulating bowel movements and hence prevent constipation. Including oats in your daily diet would definitely help you keep constipation at bay so start savouring them daily as a part of your breakfast meal.

Balances Blood Sugar Levels.

As oats help steady blood sugar and can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, this could be the ideal breakfast cereal for the diabetics. The high fibre and complex carbohydrates present in them can slow down the conversion of whole food to simple sugars and delay the fall in levels before the meal and slows the rise after the meal. So if you’ve ever scanned for stores with food for diabetics patient Singapore, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have missed this one.

Helps To Lose Weight.

Oats are not only good for the stomach, but surprisingly they’re super filling and satisfying too. This low calorie bowl of breakfast slows digestion and has the ability to not make you feel hungry for long, something most of us, specailly the foodies want to experience. This will not only reduce your cravings but help you burn a few pounds off that belly. So if you’ve ever wondered for ways to not stay hungry for a few hours you should probably consider this.

Reduces Cancer Risk.

Now this certainly grabbed my attention. Prevention is always better than cure. This is especially true when it comes to cancer, as cancer rarely has cure. Anyway, according to the American cancer society, the same compound that helps prevent cardiovascular disease also helps hormone related like breast, ovarian and prostate cancer, proving that this meal could perhaps fight you chances of being victim to it, for both men and women.

Protects Skin.

We’ve done it all, from buying expensive filled with what they say made of hundred percent natural honey and apricot ingredients, to simply resorting to applying banana and cucumber peels to our skin, waiting for a few years for the reactions to kick in. Well here’s a fact, oats a day will not only keep your diseases at bay will make sure your skin’s itch free in June and may. Every day that is. According to a dermatologist, oatmeal can normalise and balance the skin’s PH and also helps you keep your skin soft and moisturised. Yeah you can ditch the creams bombarding your drawers now.

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