Ways to Build Confidence before an Interview

You need to put yourself out there in twenty minutes to let them know that you are the right fit. However, you cannot do it with lack of self-confidence. Self-confidence builds up your personality and sends a strong and positive vibe towards the people around you. It will also make you stand out in the crowd. However, confidence doesn’t come automatically for most people. If you are one of them, here are a few tips to build it up before you walk into that interview hall.

  1. Practice responses

The last thing you want is to get stuck on a hard question and not be able to answer. There are websites which list down the most common tough questions that interviewers ask. Make it a point to go through them and practice some really good responses. Also, learn your facts. Check out the company website to learn about the company profile; its vision, product lines, organization structure, client base etc. Also, pay attention to news and stay updated on the company. Go through the job description they published on the job seeker platform Singapore and compare you with the requirements. This will show them that you are well informed and well prepared.

  1. Do a body scan

If you dress confident, you feel confident. Your dress code is extremely important since it will showcase your professionalism and discipline. Once you reach the office, it will be better if you can do a full body scan to make sure everything is prim and proper. You may have come in a taxi or public transport and your hair might be in a mess. You will feel better if you can take a good look at yourself in the mirror before you go in.

  1. Use breathing techniques

Breathing deeply will help you feel relaxed and ready to move forward. The gush of oxygen will boost your brain like no other. Due your nervousness, you might be thinking everything through at the last minute, panicking when you don’t remember a response you practiced. Breathing will bring you back to the present and make you mindful of your surroundings.

  1. Find what makes you unique

Your interviewers have been talking to so many candidates for days and are surely bored by the same old responses and qualifications. If you want to stand out, you need to be unique. Find that one quality that makes you special than the others and sell it. You could be a great listener and problem solver, or word better under pressure; talk about these strengths. If they ask your weaknesses, come up with creative ways to say them. Assure them that you are working on overcoming them.



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