Advantages of Living Aboard

Living on a boat may sound crazy a little bit. You have no home on land, with no extended families and friends; just you and your immediate loved ones on the boat. It might not be the cup of tea for all, however for some who love the sea; this might sound like an adventurous option. So if you are considering shifting to your boat in the marina, here are some advantages of it.

  1. Psychological peace

Some people find living on a boat strangely safe, secure and tranquil. If you are living on one, you probably like the feeling of having the boat all to yourself, making your own decisions. The calming sound of the waters, the seagulls and fish all excite you, and make you want to live aboard forever. You might also find the rocking movements of the boat make it easier for you to sleep, reminding you of the times you were rocking in your cradle as a baby, although some may get sea sick. It all depends on what makes you comfortable.

  1. Freedom

How cool is it to have a home that moves? Well, here you have it. Your boat is your home and you can go for a ride about the coast line, and come back and park wherever you like as long as you have the permit from the marina. If you don’t like your neighbours, simply inform the dock-master and he will make arrangements to shift your noisy neighbours elsewhere. Or you can simply go park at a different place. That’s all it takes. If you have the money, you also have the freedom to choose luxury liveaboards in Indonesia of your preference.

  1. Closeness to nature

Even if you like it or not, you become a bigger part of nature, spending your life with the seagulls, dolphins and sea weed. The sea will accept you and its creatures will welcome you. Dolphins will come say hello, birds will sit on your boat and you will fit right in. Sunsets are even more spectacular. The colour of the sky when the sun is about to set, the rising moon right at your fingertips; it will all mesmerize you. You will also adjust to the natural rhythm of life. You’ll sleep earlier and wake up earlier, quitting that off-course night owl routine.

  1. Supportive community

Your neighbours will be much more supportive than the ones on land. For starters, you have chosen the same lifestyle and hence will find it easier to connect and build strong friendships. You can go fishing together, enjoy an evening boat ride or swim with the dolphins together. It will be a great experience.


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