Helpful tips in Hiring a Nanny

In today’s day and age, finding reliable and trustworthy service providers, especially when it comes to care giving at different levels, is becoming increasingly difficult. A nanny after all will be hired to work with kids and that is not something you want to take lightly therefore to reduce the level of risk, here are some factors that you must consider.

  • Test run: when you find a suitable candidate, a good way to check their suitability is to have them interact with your kids. You can do this may be while you interview them for the job at home. When doing this it is a good thing to assess how well they get along with the kids and how similar her method of care giving is to yours. You can also check their level of knowledge on first aid or even ask how they will handle potential difficult situations.

  • Cost : the rates each person will charge will greatly depend on the time they work, their experience, qualifications, number of kids to look after and other chores, so it is actually a case by case scenario which you need to openly discuss and come to an agreement before they actually start work.


  • Research: before you settle for one person, you need to do your research abut babysitting services singapore and the best place to start doing this first by reaching out to your immediate community. This can include your neighbours, local schools and even the church. They might have good references that you can follow up on. Of course don’t forget to ask how the nanny’s performed and if there any things you should be concerned about.

  • Qualifications and qualities: checking their level of knowledge in taking care of kids is an important criterion. You will need to do some background work to assess their qualifications and ask further questions on training they have on first aid as well. Apart from that you will need to judge their character and attitudes as well. In doing so you may want to check if they are patient, responsible and are able to act with good judgement.


  • Rules: since a sitter will spend a lot of time with the kids, it is important that they maintain the same house rules that you have already set up. So be clear to discuss these with them before they start. Make sure you give them a contact number you are easily reachable on for emergencies.

These tips and suggestions are sure to help you get a feel for what you need to do before hiring a nanny, so be sure to go through them and do further reading to strengthen your understanding.

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