The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

It’s that time of the year, mother’s day, the day that many of us hurry last minute to pick a gift for our mamas to express how much we appreciate them and love them. As the special day approaches, you may be thinking for days what to get. It needs to look and feel special and convey the sweet message of love. Many choose to bake a cake, or make their mama’s favorite dish, or simply go out for brunch, but out of all these things, one special gift expresses love, beauty, and fragrance- flowers!


There’s no other type of flower to express love than roses. Roses have always been known to express warm feelings. It not only conveys a friendly message but expresses strong feelings towards the person on the receiving end. A mix of different color roses makes a bouquet beautiful and complete. To maintain the freshness of the bouquet, try same day flower delivery.


Lilies are a favorite choice for many when considering flower bouquets. They convey a message of strength, humility, devotion, hope and purity. These special flowers are beautiful with a simple ribbon, and do not need to be mixed with other flowers. They make the perfect type of flowers for a mother’s day bouquet expressing feelings of genuine love and affection.


Carnations come in various colors expressing a similar meaning of affection, adoration, and love. It is one of the oldest type of flowers, dating back more than 2000 years. There is a belief that carnations originated from the tears of the Virgin Mary, symbolizing a mother’s love. It is the perfect flower to give a mother who has undying affection and love for their children. 


Tulips are a favorite among many as they begin to bloom in the spring. They come in various bright colors and can change your mood positively in an instant. They are a reflection of new beginnings or a fresh start. They are a symbol of elegance and grace.


The peony is one of the most beautiful flowers that can truly brighten anyone’s day. Perfect for any occasion, the peony is a symbol of importance and often given to people that hold a special place in our hearts- mama! With its plush, multiple array of petals stacked on top of each other, the peony is the “queen” of flowers and speaks royalty.

Flowers are the perfect gift of expressing your love for your mother. Visit your nearest flower shop and have a look at the various flowers on offer.

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