Becoming a Professional Swimmer!

A professional swimmer knows a lot of strokes. They train for these for a long time to be able to have the perfect angle and perfect way to do the stroke. They even have coaches who are now retired from joining the competitions and now they are passing it to another generation for them to be able to join the competition from local to international.

The aspiring swimmers first learn through a swimming lessons singapore. Of course, you have to go through an almost everyday coaching session if you want to be a professional. Swimming is considered to be one of the most therapeutic sport. If you have asthma or pscoliosis, some believes that it can help.

There are different kinds of strokes that a swimmer could learn such as the freestyle stroke or front crawl stroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, backstroke, sidestroke, elementary backstroke, the combat side stoke or combat swimmer stroke and the trudgen or trudgeon stroke. Most commonly seen in competitions is the freestyle stroke or front crawl stroke. These strokes are used in the competition depending on what kind of competition it is.

 A lot of sacrifices are needed to be done to be able to achieve the top. The strokes to get the perfect form you’ll be needing to adjust and cope up with the stroke. Your breathing should be synchronized to your movement. It’s better if you could hold your breath for a long time since you’ll be faster if you do so. Depending on your body condition.

The salary of a professional swimmer differs to his or her achievements. The average though of one is around seventy five thousand dollars. In different countries that don’t give importance to sports they could probably have no pay at all or help from the government since they fund themselves in order to join different kinds of competitions locally and abroad as well. The coaches of these swimmers could reach a salary amounting to almost the same price of the professional swimmer. Although, the professional swimmers could even reach a salary of one hundred fifty five thousand dollars.

The money is not important if this is what you really want. Don’t think about how much salary you could get but think about your goals that you want to pursue. It would be nice to join the olympics but only the best of the best could join in that field. Nothing is impossible so just keep persevering and thrive the hardest you could do!

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