Did your dream of a baby just come true?

Once you found out that you are expecting, especially after you have been hoping and praying for a baby for a long time, you will be thrilled. But now comes the harder part; are you ready for the commitment? Do you know what to do and not to do?

What needs to change?

Pregnancy tends to make your blood pressure go low due to the overtime it has to work now, feeding and nourishing two people. To keep it high, you can start eating more proteins and healthy food. It is time to say good bye to the oily, fatty and street food you crave so much on other days. Now you have to think of another little person inside of you as well. Doctors’ advice you to have small, frequent mealtimes throughout the day instead of three main meals. Do not eat the same thing everyday as well. Try to add more proteins-filled food as well as vitamins. Keeping oneself hydrated is also very important; drink as much water as possible. Add some sugar and salt to the water if you feel nauseated.

Rest and please yourself 

Pace yourself. Do not give in to running here and there routine you may have had earlier. Especially in the job, if you have tasks that needs a lot of walking or running, you may have to talk to the management and assign those duties to someone else. It is ok to take a nap from time to time. Perhaps, after lunch or before dinner. Do not stay up late; sleep early and wake early. Also, get ready to be awake most of your time once the little fellow comes out! It is not a surprise there are various sleeping aids and helplines for moms in America, especially due to this unavoidable circumstance. Please yourself by buying stuff online for when you need them such as breastfeeding clothes and baby stuff.

Communication and relationships

People mean well, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Don’t tell someone who doesn’t have to know until you show. Take the actual estimated date of birth and add a week or so to it when people ask when you are due. This will let you take a breather when it actually comes out, whatever the objective is you wouldn’t want people calling from morning to noon asking whether you have had the baby yet or if you are now discharged and at home. Politely ask them to visit after some time as a very new baby is a subject everyone needs to be very careful about.

Take care of yourself. If you don’t do it, no one else will.

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