4 top traits that real men crave in women – your wingman’s guide

Love is probably the most complicated feelings in the world. Why? Because you could be falling in love with the person whom you can’t stand or has absolute no chance to make it a reality with or you could wake up feeling that you don’t your partner. Nonetheless, love is good. If you are a pretty woman who want a certain guy to like you, you’re at the right place. Because I, your wingman, is going to point out 4 of the top traits that all men crave in women. That way, you can be their top choice.

  • Not frowning at sex and open to explore

Sex isn’t taboo and it never should have been in the first place. Although the eastern culture has made it such a big deal, there are better things to worry about. It is perfectly fine if you want to be a virgin until marriage. But you at least must hint the guy that you’re not despising sex. Because the minute you do, the person would reevaluate his decisions because sex is something extremely important for a lifestyle. Being open to explore and try new things is also something that is at top in the psychology of men falling in love.

  • Ability to put together a great outfit

Looks matters. Because in the end of the day, you will be representing the guy, if the things go right. Hence if you want to be craving by men, you must present yourself in the nicest ways possible, it’s that simple and logical.

  • Disregarding the guy’s insecurities

Although almost all the men act like they’re the perfect Greek gods, it’s these same men who have crippling insecurities. Some of them are trying to suppress it and some will just struggle with it. If you can assume what they could be insecure about, for an instance, the height of a relatively less tall guy, and treat as if that doesn’t matter at all, the guy will be drawn to you like a moth to the flame. That’s why you need to switch on the humane side of you as well.

  • Hard to get but not rude

Have you ever come across of very kind yet shockingly attractive girls? Despite how competent you are, you immediately feel like the girl is out of league in such a way that it is not even comprehensive for you. That’s the power of being kind, and hard to get. But since you don’t want to come out as just a mean girl, be mindful of how you behave and maintain that hard to get status. Because being too hard to get isn’t that effective too.

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