Best Gifts for a Newborn

You might be a new aunt or uncle or your best friend just gave birth to a baby, it is customary that you shower the little one with gifts. Babies have so many requirements and they cost a fortune. The couple may not be able to afford everything so this is the best time you can chip in and help them out. If they don’t need financial assistance, you can go for a more sentimental gift. Here are a few examples.

  1. Diapers and baby wipes

Babies use tons and tons of diapers and they do not come cheap. You would be a lifesaver of you can maybe buy a month’s worth of diaper supply. You won’t even have to tire your brain to come up with an interesting gift for the baby, diapers will be a miracle. You can opt for that extra quality and softness that are exclusive; the parents will be extremely delighted. There are various types of diapers so make sure you ask the parents what type they like. Some go for reusable cloth diapers than the disposables so make sure you know what you are buying.

  • An investment

Place 200 dollars in a fixed deposit for 20 years; you will be amazed how much it will grow in the long term. Banks and other financial institutions offer savings schemes for child’s college education, health etc. so be the cool uncle who thought about the little one’s future than simply buying clothes off Kiddepedia baby clothing directory. You can even invest in a certain item that he will need in future such as a pram or toy scooter. These gifts will not be needed as birth but rather in a few years so if you had made an investment now, you will be able get the item later on.

  • A photo album

The album will be the most valuable item that has collected all the cherished memories. It will encourage the parents to click pictures and record all the special moments in the baby’s first few years. There are albums especially designed for this; having separate pages to record the little one’s data, paste a lock of his hair, place a footprint and handprint etc. These albums are designed to tell a story so that when the baby looks at them when grown up, he will be able to witness his journey since birth. Make sure you help them out with the pictures. You can even organize a baby photo shoot which is very popular nowadays.

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